Use These 3 Apps To Learn New Skills That Can Fetch You Money

Need some apps to learn new skills for money? We all know how being at home doing and nothing feels. Especially after completing school or National Service. This could be very boring and sometimes you may feel useless.

But using apps to learn new skills for money in a very easy way can be very profitable and rewarding. Probably you’re done with National Service and you’re home doing nothing.

Here are some very useful and great apps you can easily download on Apple store or play store to learn skills that can fetch you money when you take them serious.


To start with, Mimo is a great app that teaches one some modern courses like JavaScript, HTML and Python. Mimo actually teaches how to code freely with zero fees. Paying nothing to learn coding which if taken seriously can earn you millions comes to many as impossible and so untrue, well just take your phone and find out.


On top, the app can easily be found on play store or Apple store and just a few megabytes will help you download it.

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Duolingo is an educational app designed to teach languages, it is one of the most downloaded educational apps on play store. It has over 35 languages including french, Spanish and many others.

Sitting home idle won’t in any way be useful than learning important languages which clearly can decorate your cv. And also help put you in better positions for some good jobs. Quickly get to Apple store or play store to download Duolingo for multiple tongues.


Udemy is a mobile app that can easily take you from zero to hero in courses like python 3, web developing, Microsoft excel, digital marketing and many other interesting courses.

Tho some of it courses cost around $20 to $30. But some still comes at a total zero fee during some period. 

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