SHS Elective Subject Combinations, University Degree Requirements and Occupational Opportunities

Students in senior high school have the option of selecting four Elective subjects.

The combination of the four elective subjects should correspond to degree program requirements at various universities.

Incorrect combinations of the four elective subjects make it difficult for students to pursue their dream program at the university level.

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The majority of students at the university level have diverged from the programs they studied in Senior High Schools.

Therefore parents should help their children in choosing elective subjects in Senior High Schools.

In Senior High School, the General Art Program offers a variety of elective disciplines from which students must choose four.

Combinations of elective subjects is are dividing into three classes by WAEC: A, B, and C.

Students may choose a maximum of two subjects from group A, one subject from group B, and one subject from group C.

The four electives should be chosen in accordance with the requirements of the university degree program and job opportunities in the subject of study.

Group A of the General Art program includes the following subjects:

Economics, Geography, Government, History, Literature in English, Mathematics Elective, General Knowledge in Art ICT elective, and Arabic.

Group B has the following subjects Christian Religious Studies

And West African Traditional Religion.

Group C has the following subjects; Dagaare, Dagbani, Dangme, Ewe, Fante, GA, Gonja, Kasem, Nzema , Twi(Akuapem) and Twi (Asante).

Based on University degree admission requirements and job potential.

These options have been organize into four divisions of study in the General Art Program in the Senior High Schools.


( Geography, Elective Maths, Economics and Government.

(History, CRS, Literature in English and French).

(Elective Maths, Geography, Elective ICT and Economics.

( Any of the Ghanaian Languages, CRS, Literature in English and Government).

These combinations are ideal for university degree program with a career opportunities.

Business Program at the Senior High Schools should consider the following options:

A( Financial Accounting, Business Management, Elective Maths and French), B ( Financial Accounting, Business Management, Elective ICT and Cost Accounting)

Majority of students in the Senior High Schools during the first year moves from one class to another until they settle on the the elective combinations of their choice.

Science students who are looking for a career opportunities other than medicine and health related courses can take the following four elective subject combinations that is

( Elective Mathematics , Geography, Elective ICT and Physics) this combinations have numerous career opportunities.


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