Shortcodes To Buy University Forms In Ghana

Here is how to buy Tertiary Admission Forms using ShortCode on all networks without stress.

Applicants can now purchase admission forms e-voucher online from the comfort of their homes using the Ghana Post Office ShortCode.

Previously, applicant’s could only obtain their admission forms e-voucher at banks and post office, but currently admission forms e-voucher are now made available online without visiting the bank or the post office.

  • Six (6) Easy Steps on How to Purchase Tertiary Admission Forms E-Voucher Online Using ShortCode

Dail *447*160# your mobile phone
Select option 2 (Forms and E-Voucher)
Choose any Tertiary (example: KNUST)
Select the category of forms you wish to purchase
Authorize Payments
Receive E-voucher Code via SMS
In a situation where the user does not receive an SMS after a period of successfully completing the transaction, they can retrieve the e-voucher using the following steps:

  • Five (5) Easy Steps to Retrieve Admission Forms E-Voucher

Dail *447*160# your mobile phone
Select option 2 (Forms & E-voucher)
Enter 1 to retrieve voucher code
Enter Transaction ID
E-voucher details are displayed
One can also download the Ghpostpay on Playstore or visit bulk.ghpostpay.comto purchase any Tertiary Admission forms e-voucher.

How to Purchase Tertiary Admission Forms E-Voucher Using Ghpostpay on Playstore or

  • Log on to the Website
  • Choose any Tertiary
  • Click on Buy
  • Enter your Full Name
  • Select a Quantity
  • Choose a Unit Price
  • Enter Your Mobile Number for Payment
  • Select payment Channel and Submit

NB: Please an OTP will be used to Verify Your Mobile Number Before Payment is Allowed