Real Estate Development 101: Benefits Of A Single Storey Home

Abraham Maslow’s theory of needs considers a home/shelter as a basic need that is fundamental to man’s survival. Even if one has a place to put his or her head to sleep after a hard day’s work. One still dreams of owning a house at some point in his/her life when all is said and done; at least as an accomplishment after years of hard work.

As appealing as it may sound, you must decide on the kind of home you want to build. Building a home for the sake of it may end up being a waste of money because it doesn’t suit your needs and lifestyle. It tends to be an extra cost which puts a strain on your finances. It is important to know the type of building; thus a single-storey or multiple-storey (two and above) and which one suits your needs best.

I have heard many arguments for or against a single storey home or a multiple (double) storey home with so much passion. The arguments usually tries to downplay the other as if to say one is better than the other. To be honest that is not the case, but I understand the posture of those who prefer one against the other. The bottom line of which is better is about how they meet one’s needs. If you have a family that have elderly people or persons who will have difficulty in climbing up and down. On the contrary, if climbing up and down the stairs is not a problem and privacy is dear to one’s heart, then a double-storey home will be perfect.

So you see, it is not because one is better than the other but because the one you choose fits your lifestyle and needs; whatever they may be. In today’s article, we will focus on a one-story home and its benefits. A one-story home is a building that has only one level and it is important to note that basements are not counted as a storey. The numerous advantages that come with one-story homes are appealing. If you are ready to build or buy a home and you are not sure if a single storey home is for you, I have got you covered. Here are some benefits of owning a single-story home.


One-story homes are appealing to any age bracket. They provide better accessibility for both the young and old, also, the physically disadvantaged. It is perfect for every stage in life, thus from childhood to old age. The designs of single story homes are good and accident-free. Whether you have young kids or aging parents living with you, you do not have to harbour the fear of someone falling off the staircase. It is also very convenient for persons living with disability as it makes it easier to move to every part of the house without a hassle. In the case of an emergency, evacuating the building will be a lot easier as compared to houses with levels. As a natural stage in life, we will grow old and tackling stairs with old age becomes more difficult and cumbersome.

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One story homes provide easy access to every part of the house without any extra effort. It is easier to navigate. The beautiful aspect of a one-story home is that because all rooms are accessible, it is easier to move to each other’s room or converge at a place for family bonding and because spaces are shared together, it provides an avenue to get to know each other better. The open floor plan of these types of buildings is structured in a way that the kitchen, hall and dining rooms usually flow together thus creating a central space for home which encourages bonding, unlike the double story homes that comes with privacy. It is the perfect home for people to enjoy family time and bonding.

One-story homes are easy to maintain. This is because it is easy to reach a lot of places and corners in the home and you do not need a ladder to reach certain parts of the house to clean or renovate, unlike a two story home. Because the rooms aren’t many and are within the view of the owner, it is easy to identify the places in the house that need maintenance and can be worked on as soon as possible. Maintenance can also be done on a regular basis because the rooms aren’t many. Since everything is on the same level, there is no need to be carrying cleaning equipment up and down which can be very tiring and demotivating. This will help keep the house in shape and beautiful as always.

Single story homes also give more room for creativity with more design options. The nature of a one-story home gives you the opportunity to have a variety of designs because it has a large living space. There can be more variation in ceiling and window heights to enhance the beauty of the home. Also, because the rooms are large, space can be optimized well and designed in a way that will suit your needs. If you plan to move in with your family. You can also easily blend the indoor with the outdoor.

It is important to note that single-story homes are also cost and energy efficient. That is, it has just one floor or level and it’s spacious. The place is airy and benefits from the earth’s natural light and air. Elementary science states that the higher the altitude the lesser the oxygen. It is easy to optimize these natural resources to reduce utility cost as the AC will be used less. More so, the lack of walls in a one story home makes it easier for air to flow. Windows can be built higher to ensure the place is airy at all times thus more ventilation. With regards to one story homes being cost-efficient. You get to spend less on décor and furniture.

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You also spend less on maintenance. Spending less on utilities also makes it cost-efficient and that’s a double win. If you are looking to go into real estate as an estate developer. A one-story home should be your top pick. They have a wider appeal and are likely to sell more than any other structure. They are easy to build and they sell faster too.

In spite of these benefits, it is important to factor in your needs when buying or building. A home as it may go a long way to affect your choices. You can talk to estate developers, brokers or agents to assist you in choosing the right home. If you are still not certain about the type of story you want to acquire. Not with standing, the next publication will cover the benefits of a two-story home. In order to make a firm decision on the type of home you want to build or buy.

The writer is the CEO of CBC Properties Limited. A member of the Ghana Association of Real Estate Brokers (GAR) and Ghana Real Estate Developers Association (GREDA)

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