“I won’t Date a Girl who Asks for Data if I were a Guy” – Delay

Deloris Frimpong Manso, also known as Delay in the media, is quietly urging boys not to become involved in any personal connection with a girl who is continually begging for internet bundles.

Girls are increasingly requesting data from the guys they are dating.

Many saw it as a sign of a good relationship in which the guy is responsible and can afford the small things she requests.

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Many people believe that the purchase of mobile internet bundles should be the responsibility of a man who is not even married to the lady.

It is a growing argument among today’s young as to who is responsible for taking care of everything in a relationship.

Meanwhile, Delay claims that if she were a boy, she would not have dated any women who continuously requests data.

“A lady who demands for data from the start should inform you she can’t be your permanent spouse, she has nothing to offer,”

Nana Adjei Emmanuel responded

“There are a lot of people you wouldn’t have dated,”

Nana Akosua Adobea remarked

“Those who will come to your house without tnt, you will pay when she arrives and provide her when she leaves.”

“If we refuse to give you gals money now, una go say we stingy, you don see am abi?”

“Most guys aren’t always willing to pay women for data, but the competition forces them to.”

Meek Emerald

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