COVID-19: A Look On The Bright Side

Who could have guessed that this deadly pandemic who come about and even more, to stay with us up till this second. Covid-19 also known as Corona Virus pandemic started somewhere around the ending of 2019. We all never really took it serious until it hit us. And then soon after it was discovered, it started to spread from its origin to other countries. Then to other continents. Now there are Covid-19 cases spread all over the world with some cases in almost every country. No doubt some countries have had it easy and yet some never did.

At this point we can’t help but think about how this covid-19 has impacted our lives. It’s obviously best to say negative impact since no one wishes the virus would stay any longer. We all wish it was dead gone and buried. And even the memories of it could be deleted. But there is only little we can do as humans.

This pandemic has indeed been something to remember. Many people can tell how much of a menace it has been.From the closure of workplaces, or suspension of work activities, social distancing. lockdowns, Wearing of face masks and many more depending on the individual.


Covid-19 In Ghana

Ghana recorded it’s first case of covid-19 on March 12, 2020 after two cases, that involved the returning occupants from Norway and Turkey. The government officially announced the news on 14th March. And from there social distancing become a thing with a number of universities and educational institutions also suspending activities.

This was trailed by the prohibiting of public get-togethers including meetings, workshops, memorial services, celebrations, political conventions, church exercises and other related occasions to decrease the spread of the infection.

The entirety of the nation’s borders were subsequently closed for about fourteen days from 12 PM of Sunday, March 22, 2020 while on March 30, a partial lock down was forced on Greater Accra and Ashanti Regions.

On April 19, 2020, the president, Akufo-Addo in a broadcast address to the country, gave an order for the compulsory wearing of face covers and possession of sanitizers if one should find him or herself outside or in town.

The Public Response

Indeed, most people couldn’t take it with ease. Especially the problem of wearing face mask every time. People complained a lot and some even refused to wear it.

In a discussion with some public citizens, one merchant complained that she was unable to inhale when she wears the texture face veils however had no better alternative because of the significant expense of the careful covers so needs to continually take it off for some time to inhale some outside air.

One researcher with the Ghana Standards Authority said his work expects him to wear the careful cover during working hours at the lab even before the COVID-19 pandemic. He used to wear the veils for four hours with discontinuous breaks for some natural air yet the pandemic introduced more stress when it came to getting these breaksfor natural air.

“At first, when I was wearing face covers at the lab just, everything was typical. Presently, I am constrained to wear the face veil around ten hours of every day for five days every week without taking it off aside from when I need to take a bite or drink water”, he said.

Yet, following eight months of wearing face covers, he began experiencing issues in breathing at whatever point the face veil was taken out for such exercises or while in his home.

He had an irritated throat and suspected that he may have gotten the COVID-19. However was convinced when his companions at the same work environment also made mention of having the same experience yet tested negative to the infection.

For One Lady, a financial specialist, the wearing of this protective garment on the face is squeezing her ears.

“I wear glasses so both the Temples of the glasses and the strings of the veils, gauge my ears consistently. In some cases I am constrained to eliminate one of them for some alleviation”, she said.



As per a dermatologist, Dr. Mckeown Seade of the Korle Bu showing Hospital, the likelihood of having a skin disturbance depends on the material and texture utilized in making the face covers. It is significant that individuals wear the endorsed face covers suggested by the Food and Drugs Authority.

“Individuals can likewise apply cream to their appearances prior to wearing the face veils to help diminish the effect of the aggravations,” Dr Seade added.

A researcher at the West African Center for Cell Biology Pathogen, (WACCBIP) Dr. Yaw Bediako said some may have skin disturbances after delayed wearing yet there is actually no other decision since face veils are a significant piece of the battle against COVID-19.  “Whenever individuals quit wearing face covers, there is an ascent in COVID-19 cases so we truly don’t have any alternative”, he said,

He clarified that analysts and specialists had not gotten any proper grumblings about individuals having serious responses from the drawn out wearing of face covers.

Regarding the question of when the face veils will end, no one knows. However there is a conviction that researchers are doing all that could be within reach in their ability to see a finish to it. And potentially with the antibody intercessions, all these could reach a conclusion.



Photo by Forest Simon on Unsplash


Through all this, we need to also think of the positive impact covid-19 has had on our lives. Just as every bad thing has a good side, im sure the existence of covid-19 has proven to be of some advantage to you. Take a look at the bright side. Covid-19 came, destroyed some businesses, broke some homes, ruined our daily routines and the worst of all took some loved ones away from us. But through all that there are still aspects of our lives that wouldn’t have known change if not for the pandemic. These are some ways covid-19 has made a change in our lives. I deem it positive and you could agree with me here.

Extra/More time

A few years or before Corona virus came into our lives. We would normally go about our days normally as anyone should. Then stack the days and weeks with meetings hangouts, social gatherings and entertainment such as going to the theater, birthdays, cinema, restaurant, bar, sportclub, gym, music, festivals, concerts and many more. Now with covid in the picture, all of that is cancelled or forbidden. And that has given us significant amounts of extra time. And still, live goes on. This shows us how easy it is to clear our calendars.

Look on the bright side. Now we get to spend this time on other things or even better, on nothing and enjoy the free time. You would also note that most food vendors talked while selling and at this point that isn’t something you can put up with. So people have made a conscious effort to learn how to prepare certain dishes by watching videos on YouTube in order not to buy food outside. You can spend that quality time doing things you never thought you could do. making a good achievement or better still just relaxing your body. You can think of it like a vacation. Even though many people seem to have a hard time with the latter. Instead of enjoying the extra free time, they would rather use it for other activities.

Innovation And Speed

This may reflect more in the field of business or development sector. A lot of organizations suffer from slow procedures, complex bureaucracies and rigid hierarchies making organizational life less than pleasant. The coronavirus has forced many of them to break through these rigid systems and act instantly. Suddenly procedures can be skipped or accelerated, rules can be side-tracked and decisions can be made more autonomously without formal approval. And suddenly employees are allowed to work from home without direct supervision.

Covid-19 shows that, as soon as there is a strong enough stimulus, things can change. This leads to remarkable innovations. Not being allowed to open their doors, restaurants, for example, are shifting to delivery mode. And schools suddenly do much of the teaching and even some of the tests and even examinations online. This brings the opportunity to create innovations now that can be maintained after the crisis. And it also can help to keep the current speed and innovation mode afterwards.

Better meetings

There has been a lot of innovation in these business practices. More people and companies spend up to 20 hours every week in meetings, and believe me most of this precious time is abused. This current crisis has forced us to rethink how we deal with meetings. Because in many countries it is not allowed anymore to meet with a group of persons, many meetings are cancelled. And when they still take place they are mostly virtual and shorter.

As such, it provides an excellent opportunity for resolving one of the most disliked parts of organizational life. The technology for this is already present and mature for a couple of years, but the coronavirus triggers a sudden need for it. The real opportunity here is to make systematic changes so that meetings will be more effective, also after the crisis.


The Human Acceptance

Covid-19 pandemic reminds us once again the role we play on this planet and accept that things cannot always go as we want them to go. It is a chance to create that awareness. The Covid-19 pandemic is a global crisis that is unprecedented in modern time. We had other pandemics like SARS, but their impact was less substantial. And we had the 1973 oil crisis, but that was a man-made crisis. The coronavirus is not man-made and yet disrupts lives across all nations.

As such, the virus shows us that, no matter how well-planned and organized we are and no matter how much we live in the Anthropocene. Thus the era characterized by significant human impact, we are not in control. Even one simple virus is disrupting everything. In almost every aspect of life we want to be in control. Whether it is health, airline safety or our calendars, we live in the illusion that full control is possible. The virus can help us create awareness that this is not the case. It provides an opportunity to take a more modest role and accept that many things are simply beyond our control.

Better Hygiene

Some residents attributed improvement in their personal hygiene to practicing the health protocols outlined since the outbreak of the Coronavirus. The Covid-19 health protocols outlined by the World Health Organization (WHO) includes regular handwashing under running water, intermittent sanitization of the hands. All these have generally contributed to the improvement in personal hygiene.

In an interview, a resident said people now paid attention to personal hygiene in order not to contract COVID-19 and by so doing fighting other diseases.

 “Previously I didn’t pay much attention to washing my hands, but now every minute I wash my hands and immediately I reach home I wash my hands and make sure I wash them very well and not with only water but with soap.”

He also said whenever it was impossible to wash his hands, he made sure to sanitize them before touching food and water. Before the advent of COVID-19, most people only washed vegetables and fruits from the market once, but now they wash every foodstuff twice or more and sometimes with salt. People used to take their evening bath when they are ready to go to bed, but now as soon as they get home they take a warm bath to rid themselves of any dirt or germs.

One teacher, said she consciously made an effort to sanitize her hands immediately she exchanged money or objects with people and had over a period of one year not fallen sick. She said, “I hardly fall sick these days because I sanitize my hands immediately I exchange money with the bus conductor because I don’t know what germs might be on the money.”

Aside the personal hygiene, Covid-19 causes a significant reduction in green house gasses and other air, water and land polluting outputs. Since almost everybody is indoors and public activities are not like they used to be.

This article does not imply in anyway that Covid- 19 came as a relief or it is beneficial. But as long as you are still alive and well then these notable points are what you should be putting your focus on. See them as opportunities to make living better regardless of the negative impact the pandemic has. This Too Shall Pass, with hope and faith. Please stay safe!


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