Bastie Samir – Facts About The Man Who Defeated Bukom Banku

The media  definitely covered a significant portion of the range of emotions that  enveloped the entire country in the wake of Bastie Samir’s historic victory over Ghanaian boxer Bukom Banku, who was widely considered to unstoppable and invincible.

At the Bukom Boxing Arena on Saturday, October 21, 2017, Brimah Kamoko, a charismatic boxer known as Bukom Banku and known for his controversial tendencies, was soundly defeated by former amateur boxing team leader Bastie Samir. When Bukom Banku was brought to his knees in the seventh round by a punch from another fighter, referee Roger Banner had no choice but to declare the fight over.

Bukom Banku had earlier boasted that he will crush the 31-year-old in the third round.
As a result of this event, practically everyone wants to meet the man who has brought Banku to his knees. Unfortunately, many people are left unsatisfied because only a few specifics are known about the boxer who brought the mighty Banku to his knees  .

Bastie Samir Biography

Bastie Samir is a Ghanaian boxer who was born in May 1986. He is well-known for accomplishing the rare feat of knocking out every opponent he has faced, with the exception of one with whom he was forced to draw. As a result, he has 15 victories and one draw in his professional career to date. As a result of his ferocity, he has earned the title  “The Beast.”

Aiming for greater career chances, he relocated to the United States from his native Canada in 2008. He later achieved success in the United States, where he won a significant number of fights. Billy Cunningham, Greg Hacket, Damon Reed, Joseph Dunn, Jacob Alvarez, and Mavin Blair are just a few of his opponents.

When he and his younger brother, Issa Samir, were recruited by Golden Boy Promotions, which is led by Oscar De La Hoya, he took a big stride forward in their professional careers. “Bukom Banku,” a well-known Ghanaian boxer, was knocked out in the following year (2017), putting him on the map.

Interesting Facts

1. How He Got His Nickname “The Beast”

When Bastie Samie fights, he is referred to as “the Beast.” This nickname comes from his amazing record of knocking out nearly all of his opponents in his 17 fights. He has a 16-0 record with no losses and one draw (including 15 knockouts) throughout his professional boxing career.
When it comes to fighting, this gentleman is not viewed as a’small’ boxer, but rather as a very good fighter by his peers. Even the legendary Floyd Mayweather, who trained with him, praised his toughness after meeting him. Following a 15-round sparring session with the Ghanaian, Mayweather expressed his admiration for Samir’s toughness and determination.


2. He is based in the United States of America.

Bastie’s triumph has given him a great deal of attention in the Ghanaian media, but it has also raised a lot of doubts about the fighter.
In case you were wondering, Bastie is originally from Ghana but currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. He moved to the United States in 2008 and has competed in numerous professional bouts there. He is still a resident of that country, but he travels back to his native country on occasion to see family members who still live here.

3. Records owned by Bastie Samir

We have been perplexed as to why Bukom Banku chose to ignore the great track record of the US-based boxer while bragging about his victory over him. Bastie’s track record has never been kept secret from the media, and it is quite impressive.
Let us break it down: in May 2007, Bastie won the African Amateur Championships in the welterweight division, which was his first professional victory. At the 2007 All-Africa Games, he represented Ghana and took home a silver medal.

After qualifying for the Olympic Games in the light-heavyweight division of boxing, he moved up to the welterweight level.
Samir has proven that he is not below average by defeating well-known opponents such as Mavin Blair, Jacob Alvarez, Joseph Dunn, Damon Reed, and others. In reality, the only blemish on his record is a split decision loss to Lester Gonzalez in the 6th round of the 2011 UFC Heavyweight Championship. However, he is a champion in his own right, and he is primed to receive even greater recognition as his career unfolds.

4. His younger brother, Issah Samir, is also a fierce fighter.

Known professionally as Bastie Samir, he is the brother of bantamweight Issah Samir and the captain of Ghana’s national boxing team, the Black Bombers. The All-Africa Games in 2007 saw Issah win silver in the bantamweight division, and he went on to qualify for the 2008 Summer Olympics  in Beijing.