Are you sure you are from Kumasi? – Commedian SDK hilariously asked Amerado for this reason

Today’s edition of TV’s Showbiz 360 was very exciting. Fast rising rapper, Amerado and commedian SDKwere guests on the show. The appearance of these great men made the show interesting and fun to watch. You could attest to the fact that, SDK has a very good sense of humour so watching him on a big platform like TV3 will actually release stress and boredomness.

Amerado entered with his rap skills and the whole auditorium was lit with fire. After his rap, he sat down and was discussing his latest single titled ‘me ho ye’. Immediately Amerado started talking, SDK was staring at him in a surprising manner. He asked Giovani if truly he is from Kumasi because he flows well in English. Giovani hilariously replied that yes he is and Kumasi people now speak very good English because of Kumerica. They have Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Ohio there. He again stated that, mispronouncing the letter R and L is not their problem again.

They made fun of it because, it has been speculated over the years that, people from Kumasi are not all that good in English and they mispronounce words that have letter R and L. They all laughed over it as the show continued with fun and excitement. Amerado came to the show to promote his newly released single. There is no doubt that, Amerado is one of the best rappers in Ghana.

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