Here Are 5 Tips For Staying Friends With Your Ex

Wherever you are in this world, there is absolute joy in finding someone who shares the same quirks as you. And the absolute heartbreak of losing your love are feelings everyone can identify with. Staying Friends With Your Ex is A very important phase.

Many times, friendship could be the only way to keep you linked to someone you still care for. If you want to keep your ex boyfriend or girlfriend part of your life as a friend, you can try the following tips.

1. Have proper closure

There’s no real friendship if one person hasn’t had closure yet. No matter how hard your fight was or how painful and hurtful the breakup was, both of you have to settle the issue like two matured people

2. Give yourselves space first

You cannot end a relationship and still be around each other as though you haven’t broken up. The friendship won’t work. Give each other a cooling-off period immediately after you break up. You need a period of time and distance to get over each other and be able start afresh as friends.

3. Don’t walk down memory lane

This will bring up feelings you both aren’t ready to deal with. In order to develop a genuine friendship, steer clear of making references to times when you guys were together. 

4. Focus on the friendship

You both need to give each other some space to communicate freely and have the utmost respect for each other. If you want a pure friendship with someone you were romantically involved with at one point, you would want nothing but to be happy and at peace with each other.

5. Don’t talk about your love lives

Never talk to each other about love lives, avoid talking about each other’s love and sex lives, at least in the beginning. Jealousy can kick in and destroy an already risky relationship.